Stand: 35

LOCTITE® 577 from Henkel’s range of pipe sealing products will be shown alongside the ever-popular LOCTITE® 55. Continuous development ensures new and improved products are always in the pipeline for the plumbing market and LOCTITE® 577 anaerobic sealant is proving to be an essential part of toolboxes. Suitable for bonding all coarse threads this general purpose sealant has already been proven in the industrial market. It is a slow-cure product and provides a medium strength bond with excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

Henkel’s premium thread sealant for plumbing applications, LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Sealing Cord will also be demonstrated. Typical applications for this simple and effective pipe sealant include central heating water systems and gas pipe fittings. By comparison with a hemp joint, a leak-free LOCTITE® 55 seal is achieved in half the time and for less cost. It can also be backed off by up to 45 degrees without fear of leakage. Samples of Loctite 55 pipe sealing cord will be given away from the Henkel stand to anyone watching a demonstration.